Shri Rural Development Council

Ambedkar Jayanti

Shri Rural Development Council commemorates Ambedkar Jayanti every year on 14th April, to honor the memory of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution. On this occasion, we organize various programs to pay tribute to his dedication his life to the welfare of the socially and economically backward sections of Indian society by spreading awareness about the life and works of Ambedkar, his ideals, and his vision for social justice and equality. Our programs include cultural events, seminars, and discussions on his life and principles. Our council always emphasizes the importance of his contributions toward the empowerment of marginalized communities and the eradication of social inequality.

Independence Day

Shri Rural Development Council celebrates India’s Independence Day on 15th August every year. On this occasion, we organize various programs to commemorate the freedom struggle and pay tribute to the freedom fighters who have freed us from the barriers of British rule after about 200 years. On this day we gather at our organization premises, our president hoists Teranga and inaugurates our celebration by delivering motivational speeches for all to come forward to work for social development. We also take this opportunity to remind ourselves of the sacrifices made by our forefathers and pledge to uphold the values of freedom, unity, and integrity of our nation.

Republic Day

We at Shri Rural Development Council observe Republic Day every year on 26th January. As it is the day when our constitution came into effect we celebrate this day by spreading the message of unity, brotherhood, and harmony, making people understand the usefulness and importance of the constitution of our country. We hoist Teranga on the premises of our organization and distribute sweets and chocolates among the local children, and people who join our celebration with great enthusiasm and make the program remarkable.

Felicitation Program

Shri Rural Development Council organizes a Felicitation Program every year to recognize the academic achievements of students in our hostels and schools. This program aims to encourage students to strive for excellence in their studies and achieve their goals. On this occasion, our president presents awards to deserving students to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. It is a proud moment for us to witness the success of these young minds and inspire them to continue their academic journey with confidence and determination.