Shri Rural Development Council

Development of Hostels for Boys and Girls

Shri Rural Development Council has taken a significant step towards providing access to education to underprivileged children, especially boys and girls living in remote villages, through its project of establishing hostels. We have set up three hostels, Late Atmaram K Chhatralay and Kautilya Kumar Chhatralay for boys and Saraswati Kanya Chhatralaya for girls, where students of 5 to 12 standards are provided with free accommodation, food, dress, and other necessary facilities. Since its existence, we have accommodated more than 100 boys ad 50 girls. Our hostels have been established with the objective of facilitating education for children who face financial difficulties and are unable to afford educational expenses. The project aims to ensure that all children have access to quality education and can fulfill their potential, ultimately contributing to the overall development of society.

Development of School and College

As Shri Rural Development Council is dedicated to the educational development of underprivileged children, especially those from the SC, ST, and OBC communities, apart from providing hostel facilities, we are going to undertake a project of establishing schools and colleges. To further this cause, the organization has purchased land near Sanand District in Ahmedabad to establish a comprehensive educational facility. The facility will include primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools, as well as colleges for science, commerce, arts, B.Ed, and PTC. The initiative aims to provide quality education to children from marginalized communities and empower them to achieve their full potential, ultimately contributing to the development of a better society.

Multisuper Specialist Hospital and Research Center

Shri Rural Development Council’s project on establishing a multispecialty hospital and research center aims to provide affordable or free healthcare services to underprivileged people. The hospital complex, with 500 beds, will also include a medical college for undergraduate and postgraduate students, a super specialty medical education center, a dental college, a nursing school, and college, an Ayurveda school and college, a homeopathy college, a college of biotechnology and genetic engineering, institute of biomedical engineering and instrumentation, medical research center, paramedical staff education and training center, library, mobile hospital, and medical camp, all under one roof. This initiative will contribute to promoting healthcare equity and improving the health of individuals in rural and underdeveloped areas.